Welcome Carwithens game of CRolf

A beautifully simple game that can be played by everyone, in any garden where a ball will roll.

RobbieHand-made in England, the game comes with an easy to wheel trolley and includes 4 hammers, set of 4 hardwood balls, 6 hools [the three way hoops that you shoot through], 6 tees, 4 markers, full instructions, a set of CRolf Laws. playing crolf behind tree
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So what Is CRolf?

the-telegraph called it 'Cross country croquet' and that is about right.

It can be played by as many players as you want.

It has only nine laws.


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CRolf: Just place the 6 HOOLS [three way hoops] anywhere in your garden to form the course and you are ready to play.

They can be for as many players as you want.

They can be serious competitive games

Or ones which end up with everyone laughing and forgetting the scores

Either way CRolf is fast becoming the latest garden game

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Full set: £399.50, subject to postage and packing of £15.00 within the UK


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